Exploring National Highway Sector Schemes

In today’s article we break down National Highway Sector Schemes including what National Highway Sector Schemes is, who can benefit from certification, the process to certification and what are the specific schemes.

Compliant are proficient in delivering audit proof management systems for certification including ISO certification and National Highway Sector Schemes. We have a proven track record and have supported a range of businesses from different industries through their certification. Just one of our happy customers is On The Go Traffic Management who successfully retained their ISO 9001 & National Highway Sector Schemes certification with Compliant earlier this year. Discover more about their journey here. 

What is National Highway Sector Schemes?

National Highway Sector Schemes are comprehensive quality management programmes that are tailored to each unique roadways specialisation. Having National Highway Sector Schemes in place ensures that work is completed to the greatest standards of professionalism. 

National Highway Sector Schemes are primarily intended for use by organisations involved with the UK’s road system as an addition to ISO 9001. They give precise standards and interpretation for maintenance and construction, inspection, and related activities. They are based on the current ISO 9001:2015 framework.

Compliant has supported hundreds of businesses through their ISO 9001 certification and has partnerships with all of the major certification bodies. These partnerships enable Compliant to pass cost savings directly onto clients.

A technical advisory council composed of representatives from the industry and other interested parties, including highway authorities, trade associations, and certifying agencies, develops and oversees each of the schemes. The committees may add more specialists as necessary.

National Highway Sector Schemes are relevant to any contractors working under contract with the Highways Agency. Compliant provides certification support for each of the following Schemes:

  • Scheme 2A document for the Design and/or Supply, Installation and Repair of Fences for Infrastructure Works.
  • Scheme 2C document for the Design, Supply, Installation and Repair of Environmental Barriers
  • Scheme 6 document for Minor Structures
  • Scheme 7 document for the Application of Road Marking Materials and Road Studs to Road Surfaces
  • Scheme 8 document for the overseeing and/or Installation and/or Maintenance of Highway Electrical equipment and supporting works
  • Scheme 9A document for the Design, Assembly and/or Provision of permanent and temporary road traffic signs
  • Scheme 10A ​Manufacture of Metallic Legacy Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Scheme 10B ​Permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems (Incorporating NHSS2B & NHSS5B)
  • Scheme 12A /12B document for static temporary traffic management on motorways and high speed dual carriageways including on-line widening schemes
  • Scheme 12C document for Mobile Lane Closure Traffic Management on Motorways and other dual carriageways
  • Scheme 12D document for Installing, Maintaining and removing Temporary Traffic Management on rural and urban roads
  • Scheme 13 document for the Supply and Application of surface treatments to road surfaces
  • Scheme 16 document for the Laying of Asphalt Mixes
  • Scheme 17/17B document for Vehicle Recovery at Highway Construction sites (17) and Vehicle Recovery and Removal on Control Roads
  • Scheme 18 document for the Natural Environment and Landscape including Ecology
  • Scheme 19A document for corrosion protection of ferrous materials by industry coatings
  • Scheme 23 Small Scale Pavement Repairs
  • Scheme 30 Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Modular Paving
Exploring National Highway Sector Schemes

What are the benefits of having National Highway Sector Schemes certification in place?

There are a wide range of benefits in having National Highway Sector Schemes in place including customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs and improved legal compliance. For some businesses having National Highway Sector Schemes could be a legal requirement. For example, all National Highways contract work that is specified in accordance with the SHW requires NHSS registration.

Having National Highway Sector Schemes in place could also give businesses an advantage over competitors who aren’t National Highway Sector Schemes registered. It demonstrates independent verification of your procedures against acknowledged quality standards.

It also shows a deeper knowledge of risk and effective risk management. You can identify potential risk areas in your operations with the help of the National Highway Sector Schemes assessment procedure and put in place mitigating actions to reduce risks. Compliant can support with this process and provide templates where available.

The National Highway Sector Schemes registration also opens the door for you to accept contracts for the national road network.

These are just a few of the advantages to becoming National Highway Sector Schemes certified.

Getting started with National Highway Sector Schemes certification through Compliant

It is possible to add NHSS certification as an extension to your existing ISO 9001 certification if it was obtained through a registered national accrediting authority, an authorised UKAS certification body, or both.

This is where we come in. 

We support a range of clients in gaining their ISO certification and National Highway Sector Schemes through the development of professional management systems and support on audit days.

We always have time for your questions. If we have missed anything above and you would like more information, please get in touch today.

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