The Compliant Process

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The Gap Analysis

GAP Analysis to do a comparison of actual business performance with the potential or desired performance of a quality management system. It will identify the responsible and relevant persons within the organisation and the companies operational process flows. It will identify the gaps that are required to be satisfied by the ISO Standard.

Documentation and Folder Structure

Develop or enhance an existing management folder structure for document retrieval and versioning. Implement the Integrated Management System (IMS) ensuring complete synergy with the existing system or create a new and more robust version. Identify all interested parties, legislation, risk assessments, plans, process flows and policies. Identify the right UKAS approved certification company.

Stage 1 Assessment

Complete assessment to see all relevant documents relating to the management system are in place. An internal audit is carried out and an agreed scope in preparation for the stage 1 Certification Audit.

Internal Audit

A full check on all documentation and make sure process flows are accurate and a comprehensive understanding of the IMS to ensure the business meets the requirements of the standard. Check all controls are implemented, maintenances of KPI’s and any corrective actions. Continuous improvement. Meetings with the Management team to ensure compliance and understanding of the requirements in preparation of Stage 2 on site audit.

Stage 2 Assessment

Stage 2 audit at client premises and possibly a site visit if necessary. Certification achieved.

Ongoing Support and Improvement

Periodic maintenance of IMS to ensure all controls continue to be implemented, maintain risk based internal audit to include audit of controls. Complete Management reviews, review KPI’s and corrective actions and continually seek improvement.