Compliant FM believe that policies and procedures provide clarity to the reader when dealing with accountability issues or activities that are of critical importance to the company, such as, health and safety, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements or issues that have serious consequences.

Compliant FM’s policies and procedures ensure operations are completed to the highest possible standard.

We ensure that all employees are accountable and understand what they are responsible for, what is expected of them, and what they can expect from their supervisors and co-workers. This enables them up to carry out their job with confidence and excellence.

A Better quality of service

Our Directors and employees follow strict procedures, collectively performing tasks correctly and providing a consistently high level of customer service. This enhances the quality of your organisation’s services and in turn, enhances our company’s reputation. All Compliant FM employees take pride in their work.

A safer workplace

Following our policies and procedures guarantees that workplace accidents and incidents are less likely to occur. Our ISO accreditations are testimony to our commitment to the customer and our staff. At Compliant FM we adhere to ISO standards 


Compliant FM ISO 9001 2015 Certification: Quality Management System

Compliant FM Quality Policy Statement

Compliant FM ISO 14001 2015 Certification: Environmental Management

Compliant FM ISO 27001 2017 Certification: Information Security

Compliant FM Information Security Policy

Compliant FM ISO 45001 2018 Certification: Health and Safety

Compliant FM Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

CHAS Certificate 2020

Compliant FM Equality and Diversity Policy

Compliant FM GDPR Privacy Policy

Compliant FM Cyber Essentials Certificate

Compliant FM ICO Certificate

Compliant FM Living Wage Policy

Compliant FM Ethics Policy

Compliant FM Social Values Policy

Compliant FM Constructionline Silver Member

Compliant FM Environmental and Sustainability Policy