Why manufacturing businesses are investing in ISO 9001 

Are you looking for ways to improve your service offering or ensure that you can meet growing customer requirements in an efficient and professional way? 

ISO 9001 could be the answer and there’s never been a better time to invest, especially if you’re a County Durham based business. 

The international ISO standard for quality management, ISO 9001: 

ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system, which can be applied to any organisation, regardless of size or industry. It provides guidance and tools for companies and organisations who want to ensure that: 

  • Their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements 
  • Quality is consistently improved 
  • Best practice is followed within their organisation 

It’s a popular choice, with over one million companies and organisations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001. 

And it’s easy to see why companies nationwide are investing with Compliant. We’ve supported a range of businesses in becoming ISO 9001 certified. Gaining this internationally recognised certification is helping businesses to grow and compete for tendered work, which they may not otherwise have been eligible for. 

Rise Elevator has gone from strength to strength after gaining ISO 9001 in 2020. Kris McGough, Rise Elevator’s MD explained: 

“We wanted to gain a certification that would set us apart from other Lift installation companies. ISO 9001:2015 was the perfect fit as it demonstrates our commitment to quality services. I am extremely proud that Rise Elevator has achieved this certification. We look forward to pursuing additional certifications in the future. 

We have a reputation for auditing, repairing and installing high-quality lifts for a range of clients. The ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates that we have consistent processes in place to deliver the highest quality. 

A big thank you to Compliant for supporting us through every step of the process and helping us to become certified.” 

Why is ISO 9001 so important for the manufacturing industry? 

By implementing ISO 9001, a manufacturer makes a commitment to achieving consistent quality. 

One of the biggest questions that manufacturing businesses should be asking themselves is ‘what is needed to satisfy our customers?’. Every organisation has different requirements but the basic components remain the same: 

  • A set of measurable standards 
  • A defined process  
  • Reliable and knowledgeable employees 
  • Quality measures 
  • A review process 

By implementing an internationally recognised accreditation such as ISO 9001, a manufacturer can create a robust framework of processes. 

Being ISO 9001 certified gives companies the following advantages over competitors: 

  • High quality customer experience 
  • Reduced costs through higher productivity 
  • Ability to operate in new markets and acquire new customers 
  • Ability to grow and have the systems in place to efficiently manage scalability and maximise the return on investment. 

It gives customers the reassurance needed to invest with your organisation. 

Are you a County Durham based business? 

If you, are you an SME based in County Durham, you could receive up to 40% funding on your ISO project with funding from RTC. 

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