Top tips on promoting your ISO certification

Gaining or retaining ISO certification is a fantastic achievement and something you should be super proud of, which is why you need to share the news.

Whether it’s to maintain competitor advantage, attract new clients or to acknowledge the hard work of your team, here are our top tips on how to promote your ISO success.

Press Releases

Write a press release (approx. 450 words is great) including the process you have gone through and comments from members of staff and contact local magazines, industry publications to share the news.  There are many publications that will include editorial pieces free of charge so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Social media

If you have company or personal social media channels, this is a fantastic way to share the good news.  You can reach out to a wide audience and remember to include pictures of your team, ideally holding your certificate!

Use hashtags

When promoting your success, hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience.  For platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, using hashtags allows for people searching for information about ISO or your specific industry.

Use terms such as #ISO9001 #9001 #ISO #Manufacturing #Recruitment (hashtags relevant to your industry).

Email signatures

These are often overlooked but provide a great way to share the news.  It’s a small but powerful tool and ensures your clients find out and remember to change everybody’s signatures within the business, not just yours.

Blogs posts

Why not write a blog post on how your company achieved ISO and provide advice for potential ISO newbies?  When writing blog posts, be sure to include relevant keywords such as ‘ISO certification’, ‘ISO standards’ and other relevant phrases to help boost your SEO and reach more people.

Once written, upload to your website and share across your social media channels for even more exposure!

Business development groups

If you’re a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or industry specific networking groups, don’t forget to send them your PR piece and ask them to publicise.  Most groups love sharing good news and will also routinely tag you and your social channels into their posts.


Your website is your shop window, the door to your business and should be utilised at all times.  Remember to update any footers on your site to include your ISO logo, could you include a ‘Quality’ page to show off your certificate and share links to your newly written blog?

Email marketing

This is a powerful and cost-effective way of promoting your ISO certification. You can use email to reach out to potential customers, keep existing customers informed about your products and services and advertise upcoming events or special offers related to your certification. Make sure you create an engaging and informative message that highlights the benefits of your ISO certification and how it can benefit the reader.

Google Business Profile

This free service is routinely not claimed by businesses but should not be overlooked as it can help with organic searches and your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Claim your business page (this is free) and update your profile regularly, we would advise once a month at least.

Word of mouth

This is the best form of advertising!  If you attend networking events don’t forget to tell everybody and that includes your current clients too!

Top tips on promoting your ISO certification