At Propel Tech, we believe that change is the only constant in business, and technology is at the forefront. But, technology change can be costly, complicated, and difficult to manage. Technology brings endless possibilities, so finding the correct software development services for your business is essential.

We don’t just provide software development services. We manage and maintain systems working as expert problem solvers across existing and new technologies. Likewise, we work collaboratively to identify issues, help map technologies, and journeys, support with software expertise and make the right solutions a reality.


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Bespoke software migration services
We are experts at migrating and improving bespoke software systems, if you are looking to change your bespoke software partner, our UK team of seasoned bespoke software experts combine technical know-how with an in-depth understanding of UK business to deliver seamless migration process that’s efficient, secure, effective and minimises disruption.

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Application modernisation services
Our software modernisation services modernise, integrate and improve your legacy systems to move your business forward when full digital transformation isn’t an option.

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Dedicated resource: Hire developers
Reinforce your team with our experienced tech staff. They’ll work directly with you so you can use their time and skill sets to meet your specific needs. Ideal for plugging skill gaps and an alternative to hiring permanent staff.

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Digital transformation services
Want to shape your digital transformation strategy or need support to deliver certain aspects of a defined plan? Our digital transformation services can help.