Here at One2Call our mission is to get ‘technology on your side’, working for you, not against you. We work with a wide range of businesses, big or small, across all sectors. Including; Logistics, Manufacturing, Hotels, Restaurants, Care Homes, Legal, Charities and much more. Offering bespoke solutions that are tailor made for your business’ needs. This means we take the time to assess your business, to understand what it is your business needs to operate more effectively and safely in its current environment.

As modern business is forever changing it is important to evolve with these changes and adapt your business accordingly. One2Call offer fully managed services to all of our customers meaning that we don’t just sell you a product, we can also provide constant support and maintenance, to sustain a high level of service for you and your business.  

What Do We Offer? 

The answer is simple, we can help with anything in the technology landscape and much more besides. We work with businesses to understand your technology requirements across all sectors; IT Support, Cyber Security, Telecoms, Business Connectivity, Infrastructure, CCTV, Building Security and much more. Nothing is ‘off the shelf’, everything is tailored to your business requirements to ensure that the solution you have in place will work for you, not against you. 

Plus, we have a large network of businesses that we provide services for and work with that we can forward any of your other requirements to also. Need a website? We know a company! Need a Marketing Agency? We know one! Looking for event space for a business function? Guess what…. we support places across the region. Being a OneCall customer is about more than just the services and support we offer. It’s being a part of a network, we are the One2Call for your business needs. 

We at One2Call have a responsibility not only to our employees, but also to our customers, to ensure that we are acting in a safe manner at all times, which is a responsibility we take very seriously.

As CHAS Premium Plus accreditors we can ensure that our customers can trust that One2Call acts with vigilence and care across the whole of its business, not just in its’ engineering team.

And this is just the beginning for One2Call as we are about roll out a thoroughly revamped continuous training and development program across our teams to ensure our customers are being given the best practices and the latest knowledge available across our industries.