NHSS – Frequently Asked Questions about the Schedule of Suppliers

  1. How does my company get registered to a National Highways Sector Scheme (NHSS) to be listed on the Schedule of Suppliers? 

Your company will need to be certified and registered under the NHSS, you must pass an assessment carried out by a Certification Body.

UKAS accredits Certification Bodies to the Conformity Assessment Standard ISO 17021-1 for the National Highways Sector Schemes and the registration of CV clients on the schedule of suppliers is a requirement of the Schemes Committees (owners) as described in NHSS0 Part 4 and in the individual scheme documents. You will need to download the NHSS Document for the scheme you wish to be registered for and then engage a certification body that is accredited to assess against the requirements of that specific Sector Scheme document.

For steps involved in getting certified under one of more National Highway Sector click here.

If you already have an ISO9001 certificate without the NHSS shown it may be possible to gain NHSS certification as an extension. You should discuss this with your Certification Body.

2. Where can I find the National Highway Sector Schemes Documents? 

The current versions of each National Highway Sector Scheme Document can be found in the UKAS Publications including Technical Bulletins.

3.How do I find a Certification Body? 

Information on Certification Bodies accredited against NHSS can be found on the UKAS website. Please discuss your requirements with the certification body as they may not be able to accredit all schemes.

4. How can Compliant FM help us achieve NHSS? 

Compliant FM have assisted a variety of companies to implement quality management system that meet the requirements of the sectors schemes.

We support our clients to develop their system to drive efficiencies and meet the requirement of the relevant scheme: 

We can provide recent examples in the following sector schemes: 

  • Scheme 7: The Application of Road Marking Materials & Road Studs to Paved Surfaces 
  • Scheme 12A / 12B: Static Temporary Traffic Management on Motorways and High-Speed Dual Carriageways, Including On-Line Widening Schemes 
  • Scheme 12C: Mobile Lane Closure Traffic Management on Motorways and Other Dual Carriageways 
  • Scheme 12D: Installing, Maintaining and Removing Temporary Traffic Management on rural and urban roads 
  • Scheme 16: Sector Scheme for the Laying of Asphalt Mixes 

5. How to I register my company to the Schedule of Suppliers? 

Once you have gained accreditation complying with the requirements of ISO9001:(current) and the National Highways Sector Scheme(s) your Certification Body will issue your certificate(s) to you. You can then Register as a supplier on the NHSS website.

You must add your company’s details to the online Schedule of Suppliers and upload your certificate(s) to register. This is the national database of approved contractors for the highways industry. The Schedule is used by highway authorities to check that a company is certified. Many contracting organisations use it to find potential suppliers to invite to tender for projects. 

Please note: By registering on the website, you are confirming that you are approved for one or more Sector Scheme(s) and you will be responsible for ensuring information is correct.  It is the responsibility of individual companies to enter their own details and maintain this information on an ongoing basis. Lantra will not accept liability for inaccurate information. 

Please see the supplier user guide on the NHSS Schedule of Suppliers home page for assistance with registering to the website. 

6. How much will it cost me to register on the Schedule of Suppliers? 

You can currently choose a standard entry which is free of chargeThis will list your company name, website address and the NHSS you have been approved forBy clicking on the red NHSS number a copy of the appropriate certificate will be displayedThe standard entry records are displayed in black on the search results. 

Alternatively, you can opt for a Premium Listing displayed as green on the search results. This listing offers an enhanced  entry as potential clients can view your supplier’s detailed company profile, your logo, all certificates, contact details, website etc. through the view page function.

This information can also be accessed when your location pin on the map of suppliers is selected.  To choose this option please click on the payment tab of your account when you are logged in.  There is a nominal charge of £50.00 + vat due annually.  You will be sent reminder when your account is due for renewal.

7. Where can I get training linked to National Highway Sector Schemes? 

Each Sector Scheme Document provides information on the training that is required.  Lantra provides training in support of the following Sector Schemes: 

  • 10B      Permanent Vehicle Restraint Systems incorporating NHSS2B and NHSS5B 
  • 12A/B  Static Traffic Management on HS Dual Carriageways 
  • 12C     Mobile Lane Closures on Dual Carriageways 
  • 12D     Installation, Maintenance and Removal of temporary traffic management on Rural and Urban Roads 

Please get in touch with Mark on 0333 456 5000 if you have any further questions or would like to get started with NHSS!

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