CASE STUDY: Voodoo Park

Voodoo Park successfully undergoes their 1st year surveillance audit for ISO 9001 & 27001 with Compliant.


A global technology services company, Voodoo Park has built a reputation for delivering large-scale technology solutions that meet complex challenges.

Working with organisations throughout the world, they create business critical technology that is loved by the people that use it.

Why did Voodoo Park initially decide to invest in ISO?

Speaking with John Miller, Voodoo Park’s Chief Finance Officer, we asked why the company initially decided to invest in the ISO standards, John commented, ‘As a leading software development company, we aspire to be technology pioneers.  We wanted to present to our market we were leaders in terms of technical sector accreditations therefore we invested initially in ISO 9001, the quality standard.

Following further research, we realised there was a large amount of overlap between this and the information security standard, ISO 27001, as many tenders we take part in were requesting the standard, for commercial reasons, this was something we also decided to invest in.

As we were looking for an experienced consultant to support us through the ISO process, we approached UKAS accredited certification body, the British Assessment Bureau to provide us with a selection of consultants.  Following a conversation with Compliant’s Director, Mark Henderson and due to their extensive experience and qualifications, we opted for them to support us throughout the project.’

The Process

Commenting on the initial certification and their ongoing work with Compliant, John continued, ‘Working with the Compliant team, we initially gained UKAS accredited ISO 9001 & 27001 in 2022 and I was very surprised how smooth a process it was.  Compliant supported us every step of the way and it really was a stress-free exercise.

Compliant have a great document management system which they tailor for each individual client, for any documentation we didn’t have, they created for us, we were then able to embed these into our own operations.

Following our initial certification, it really was a no-brainer for us to continue the relationship with Compliant, we’re now delighted to have successfully undergone our 1st year surveillance audit.

The Outcome

John and the team at Voodoo Park have certainly embraced the ISO standards and culture and have already experienced successful results following their certification.

John commented, ‘We are delighted to have secured a contract to provide a team to a large fintech client where part of the onboarding process included us confirming that we were ISO 27001 certified.  Our commitment to information security and quality gives us credibility within our industry and ensures we continue to be at the forefront of software technology.

As we enter our 2nd year of holding the ISO certifications, we are now looking at delving more deeply into tightening up our processes and continuing to embed the culture within our workforce.

Put simply, a project is always easier when people are nice to work with, the Compliant team were very straightforward, made the whole process very easy and were always available to answer any queries we had.’

Managing director of Compliant, Mark Henderson, supported the Voodoo Park team on their initial certification and leading up to their 1st surveillance audit, commenting, ‘John and the team have been a delight to work with throughout the project, they understood from the outset the culture of ISO and the benefits that can bring from not just a commercial point of view but also internally within their business.

Working alongside our team, they ensured their staff were on board with the process and worked hard to be ready for the 1st year surveillance audit, we look forward to continuing to work with such a great forward-thinking progressive company.’

Getting started:

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