CASE STUDY: Sir Joseph Isherwood Ltd

Sir Joseph Isherwood Ltd successfully achieves ISO 14001 with support from Compliant.


Supplying computer-based maintenance management and integrated logistic support systems to an international client base, the established north east business delivers their systems to clients in over 40 countries.

Trading since 1907, the company was founded by respected naval architect Joseph William Isherwood, over its many years in business, the organisation has increased its scope and now supplies to markets including government, military and industrial industries.

Why did Sir Joseph Isherwood Ltd initially decide to invest in ISO?

Speaking with Kevin Richards, ILS Engineer and Paul Dixon, Technical Manager, we asked why the company initially decided to invest in the ISO 14001 environmental standard. 

Paul commented, ‘Environmental sustainability and the impact on climate change is something that is at the heart of our business.  When we started to research the ISO 14001 standard, we decided to approach this with a two-pronged attack, this was to improve our sustainability while reducing our carbon footprint and from a commercial perspective, we knew that we needed the standard to open further opportunities within our industry.

As we support clients across the globe, having the internationally recognised standard would prove credibility, transverse across all of our operations and demonstrate our commitment to the environment.’

The Process

Paul continued, ‘Whilst the business already had the ISO 9001 quality standard, we were aware that gaining the environmental standard would take time and resources from our team.  With that in mind, we decided to invest in an ISO consultant to support us through the process. 

From an environmental impact point of view, we wanted to work with a local company to reduce travelling time therefore following research, we approached north east based Compliant and were delighted to start working with their team.

From initial discussions with Compliant’s director, Mark Henderson, the process was professional from start to finish.  We were in close contact throughout the project and during the Stage 1 audit were introduced to our auditor, this made the whole process very relaxed but still maintained professionalism throughout.  The communication was excellent with Mark making visits to our site when necessary to ensure our documentation was compliant and to guide our team through any upcoming stages within the project.

In the lead up to our audits, everything was explained to us clearly which meant that we were thoroughly prepared.  If we had any questions, even a few which we thought were quite silly, we would send these across to Mark and he would get back to us promptly every time.’

The Outcome

Following the successful audit, Paul and Kevin have certainly embraced the ISO 14001 standard and its framework and are looking forward to further embedding the standard and culture within the business.

Kevin commented, ‘We’re delighted with the outcome of the audit and we couldn’t be happier with the service that Compliant have provided.  We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we achieved the standard and that’s due to not only the hard work of our team but also the support we received from the Compliant team.

Moving forwards, we have decided to opt for monthly support from Compliant, this will enable us to maintain the standard without having a member of staff working on this within the business.  With their guidance, we know that our audits will continue to be carried out, documentation updated and processes followed, when our 1st year surveillance approaches, we know we will be in the best position possible.’

Managing director of Compliant, Mark Henderson, who supported the Sir Joseph Isherwood team during the project, commented, ‘Gaining ISO 14001 can be a challenge for many businesses, however, we have been impressed by the commitment to the standard from the whole Isherwood team.  They ensured that by working with us, they were ready for the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits and have already started to embrace the 14001 culture within the workforce.

We look forward to working with the team on an ongoing basis and helping them with their environmental and sustainability goals.’

Getting started:

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