RSHP successfully achieves ISO 9001 with Compliant


RSHP successfully achieves ISO 9001 with Compliant.

Why RSHP decided to invest in ISO 9001

The award-winning architectural business successfully achieved UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification in November 2022.  The company are known for creating sustainable places throughout the world with design solutions that are never the same. We caught up with Production & Operations Manager, Lorenz Frenzen, to discuss his thoughts on the company’s recent certification and why they decided to invest in ISO.

“As an architectural practice there is an ever-growing demand from clients that require ISO 9001; especially in government run projects.

We continually look for ways to improve our processes and procedures to make the business efficient.

Having ISO 9001 in place supports us in this mission and in applying for tendered work; it demonstrates our commitment to quality and helps us to achieve more marks in any tender process.”


Why RSHP decided to invest in ISO 9001

The Process

Lorenz went on to explain “Having a clearly defined process, especially in a creative industry removes confusion and improves communication across the business. By having ISO 9001 in place we are ensuring that we have continuity.”

Before deciding to progress with ISO 9001 certification Lorenz researched which certification body would be best suited to their business. They liaised directly with the British Assessment Bureau who recommended Compliant as a consultant. Once Compliant was engaged we worked with the team at RSHP to collate the documents that they already had in place and prepare new templates for anything that was required; creating a bespoke management system that adhered to all of the criteria set out in the standard.

He added “We have taken the time to train all senior staff and team leaders on the ISO 9001 standard and what the system means for our business. It was important for us to have our senior management team drive the standard forward.

We wanted to engrain ISO 9001 into the business and we are pleased to see that it has been fully accepted.

ISO 9001 was important for us as it is the foundation for all other standards – it is opening up new business avenues for RSHP. We are now in the process of looking at 14001 and 45001.”

The Outcome

When asked about the experience with Compliant Lorenz highlighted that “Mark was great – very friendly and positive. He understood our need to take our time with the process and allow a culture change to occur in our organisation whilst fully embedding the system.”

Compliant Director Mark Henderson commented “RSHP wanted to take their time in getting to know the ins and the outs of the standard and the management system that we created. Lorenz and the team have been dedicated to shifting the culture across RSHP and making sure that everyone is on board with the certification and the new processes and procedures outlined. We were thrilled to see the international business achieve certification last month and look forward to a successful ongoing relationship.”

Getting started:

There has never been a better time to invest in ISO certification. Show your commitment to quality management, the environment or occupational health & safety performance with a UKAS certified ISO certification from Compliant. Contact us today to find out more on 0333 456 5000 or fill in our FREE quote calculator!




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