JDS Products achieves continued ISO 9001 certification with Compliant


JDS Products achieves continued ISO 9001 certification with Compliant.

Why did JDS Products decide to invest in ISO?

Experts in the design, manufacture and supply of washroom dispensers, JDS Products initially decided to invest in ISO 9001 to improve the procedures within the business and tender for larger business opportunities.

As part of many tendering processes, JDS were often requested to complete supplier qualification questionnaires and within these were asked if they were certified to ISO 9001.  It quickly became apparent to the business that in order to expand and grow, the quality standard was something they needed to achieve.  

Ian Nelson, JDS’ General Manager, commented on the standards, “We knew that by gaining UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification this would give our customers confidence in our work and assurance they will receive a quality product.  What we didn’t realise initially was how beneficial it would be with regards to internal process such as onboarding new members of staff who can pick up on our process a lot quicker.”

The Process

Working closely with JDS’ management team and carrying out an initial gap analysis, the company were actually working closely to the standard but did not have all documentation in place.  We worked with JDS, General Manager, Ian Nelson to ensure a more structured and formulated process was in place.

Initially opting to manage the ISO system within house resources, JDS realised that in order to fully maintain the system, they required the support of the Compliant team.

As their first-year surveillance approached, Compliant’s Internal Audit Manager, Danielle Barry, ensured that company documents were updated, uploaded to the online management portal and everything was in place for the external auditor.

Commenting on the lead up to the audit, Ian said, “Danielle worked with us to ensure all the documentation was in place, on the day, the external auditor only needed to speak with us a couple of times and liaised with Compliant on any required documentation or queries, this enabled us to get on within the business with minimum impact on our time and resources.”

The Outcome

Following the yearly surveillance one-day audit, JDS successfully retained their ISO 9001 certification, maintaining their UKAS accredited status.

Ian was delighted with the result, commenting, “We’re so pleased to have retained our 9001 certification, the surveillance audit was a lot easier than we had anticipated, Danielle worked with us remotely and ensured everything was in place, this approach worked totally fine for us and was obviously reflected in our successful recertification.  We’re looking forward to embedding the processes even further into the business and providing us with further opportunities for growth.”

Mark Henderson, Compliant’s Managing Director, commented on the success of JDS,  “Many business decide initially to manage their ISO standard in house, which is totally fine if you have the resources, when JDS asked for our support on maintaining their ISO 9001 certification, we ensured that all documentation was kept up to date, internal audits were carried out and they were fully prepared for the surveillance audit.

This proactive approach has ensured a successful recertification which enables the company to move forward with their growth plans.”

Getting started:

There has never been a better time to invest in ISO certification. Show your commitment to quality management, the environment or occupational health & safety performance with a UKAS certified ISO certification from Compliant. Contact us today to find out more on 0333 456 5000 or fill in our FREE quote calculator!

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