CASE STUDY: Greenlight Computers

Greenlight Computers achieves ISO 9001 and 27001 with Compliant.

Why Greenlight Computers decided to invest in ISO 9001 and 27001

Greenlight Computers provide a comprehensive range of IT Support and Cloud Computing services through an experienced and professional team of specialist technicians.

The national business is a trusted partner for their clients, providing a single point of service that enables organisations to focus on their core business objectives.

We caught up with Greenlight Computer’s Operations Director John Sewell to discover why the business decided to invest in ISO certification. John explained “My corporate background enabled me to bring my experience to Greenlight when we got started in 2006. I understood the value of ISO certification and wanted the company to be taken seriously by clients. We built the business up and waited until the company was ready to get started with ISO.

One of the main drivers was that many of our customers requested that we are certified to ISO 9001 at the very least. Having ISO 27001 in addition to ISO 9001 is a great advantage in the sector that we work in.”

The Process

John went onto to describe “I have always felt that ISO needs someone who understands it fully. I wanted to work with a team that was extremely knowledgeable about ISO certifications and in particular the new version of the ISO 27001 standard.

We spoke to several consultants and explored different options for becoming certified. I liked Mark and the Compliant approach. His methodology and straight forward systems were encouraging and I knew I could engage with their process.

Mark sent me a list of the evidence that was required and built out a bespoke, integrated management system. He created a new, audit proof pack and supported us through our stage 1 and stage 2 audits.”

The Outcome

When asked about the experience with Compliant John highlighted that “We were delighted that we only had OFIs at our stage 1 and stage 2 audits. The sharepoint structure is great and we are looking forward to embedding the pack into our own systems.

We will be exploring updating documents to make them our own and are pleased that we have an ongoing relationship with Compliant.”

Compliant Director Mark Henderson commented “John and the team at Greenlight Computers have been great. Many of our current and prospective clients like Greenlight are keen to get a better understanding of the 2022 version of the ISO 27001 standard. Our team have undertaken extensive training to get ready for this change and are glad to see our new management packs that adhere to the new version of the standard working for businesses. We are keen to see how having ISO in place will help Greenlight expand and are looking forward to a successful ongoing working relationship.”

Getting started:

There has never been a better time to invest in ISO certification. Show your commitment to quality management, the environment or occupational health & safety performance with a UKAS certified ISO certification from Compliant. Contact us today to find out more on 0333 456 5000 or fill in our FREE quote calculator!