CASE STUDY: AT Precision

AT Precision achieves ISO 9001 re-certification with Compliant.

Why did AT Precision initially decide to invest in ISO?

AT Precision, who are based in a state-of-the-art facility in County Durham, manufacture a range of bi-folding door rollers, top guides, pull handles and hinges.

The company has quality at its heart and has always had good internal processes, however, to demonstrate credibility to their clients and have an external auditor review their systems, it was decided that a UKAS ISO 9001 standard was required.

Katherine Barboni, AT Precision’s account manager, was integral in helping the company achieve the internationally recognised standard, commenting, ‘We knew that in order to grow the business and achieve that worldwide quality recognition, the ISO 9001 quality standard was something we wanted to achieve.  We’re incredibly proud of our products and manufacturing processes but were aware that many of our customers required that external verification which only an ISO standard can bring.’

The Process

AT Precision originally contacted Compliant following an introduction from a fellow business and met with director, Mark Henderson.  Katherine continued, ‘We wanted the ISO process to be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, Mark was outstanding from the get-go and really helped us throughout the project.  It can be daunting to choose and work with an ISO consultant, however, we have been proved correct over and over again with our choice.’

Working with Katherine and the team, Compliant ensured that all documentation was in place in the lead up to the yearly surveillance audit with internal audit manager, Danielle, liaising with the external auditor and uploading all documentation to their easy to use Sharepoint software.

Commenting on the preparation involved for the surveillance audit, Katherine said, ‘I’m not going to lie, the run up to the surveillance audit can be quite stressful, however the Compliant team were absolutely fantastic, Danielle was so helpful and made everything very easy.  Every time I needed something, they were there for me, even if it was just to listen and give us reassurance.’

The Outcome

Following the 1st year recertification audit, AT Precision were successful in retaining their UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification, proving their credibility once again to the high quality standard.

Summing up on the whole project, Katherine finished, ‘We are delighted with another successful audit, it’s interesting to see how customers’ perceptions of you can change when they realise you have the ISO 9001 standard and it has certainly increased the number of organisations who are willing to work with us.

Overall, the whole experience has been incredibly positive and we look forward to working with the Compliant team in the future.’

Internal audit manager, Danielle Barry, who supported AT Precision through their surveillance audit commented, ‘It has been a delight to work alongside Katherine on their successful audit, we know it can be a stressful time for businesses which is why we help not only to ensure that documentation is in place but to also reassure clients and listen to their concerns.  Working closely with the external certification body means that we can liaise with them and our clients to work towards a successful outcome.’

Getting started:

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