ADVANCE®AI achieves ISO 27001 re-certification with Compliant.

Why did ADVANCE®AI initially decide to invest in ISO?

As the company started to grow, Cambridgeshire based ADVANCE®AI initially decided to invest in ISO 27001 due to a demand from clients.  The company drive revenue growth for their customers through strategic consulting and harnessing leading edge data science and technology therefore information security play a large part in their business.

Julie Coppola, the company’s Projects and Events Director, was instrumental in working on the ISO project, commenting, ‘Working with a lot of pharmaceutical clients, it was important for us to prove our commitment to security as this is a highly regulated sector.

We hold a lot of data and as our company grew, the information security standard ISO 27001, became an ever-increasing need for us.’

The Process

Having originally gained the certification in 2022, their most recent audit was the company’s first surveillance audit.

Working with Julie, the Compliant team ensured that all documentation was in place leading up to the audit and all documentation was easily identifiable for the auditors.

Julie continued, ‘Having been initially introduced to Compliant from our certification company, The British Assessment Bureau, when we spoke to Mark (Compliant’s director) we knew we could work with him.  He made the whole process very easy to understand, we were able to upload documents easily to the Sharepoint folders and knew exactly what information was needed. 

As this was our first surveillance audit, we had catch up meetings with Compliant’s internal audit manager, Danielle, where she ensured the process was stress free and made everything very easy to follow.’

Compliant’s ongoing ISO support enables businesses to maintain their standards and removes any stress or work-load from the client.  Liaising with the auditors throughout the surveillance audits enables the client to run their business while being assured of a positive outcome.

The Outcome

Following the surveillance audit, ADVANCE®AI were delighted with the outcome and their continued certification to ISO 27001.

Julie finished by saying, ‘Danielle was brilliant to work with in the run up to the audit and during, she made everything very easy and made sure we were prepared.

To give our clients the continued reassurance of our commitment to information security is a big positive for our business and we look forward to continuing our work on the ISO standard in the coming weeks and months.’

Internal audit manager, Danielle Barry, who liaised with Julie through their surveillance audit commented, ‘ISO 27001 can be a demanding standard to manage, therefore it’s essential that with our support the business knew exactly what was required and that was shown in the successful outcome of the audit.

It’s great to work with businesses with such a forward thinking attitude and who know that having an ISO standard is such a positive for their business.  ADVANCE®AI’s surveillance audit for 2024 is already booked and we’re looking forward to supporting them throughout the next year.’

Getting started:

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