3G Telecoms achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 with Compliant

CASE STUDY: 3G Telecoms

3G Telecoms achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 with Compliant

Why 3G Telecoms decided to invest in ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

CEO, David Morris started the successful telecommunications software business, 3G Telecoms in 2005 with Iain joining the team in 2010 to support business growth. The business now operates completely online with 11 members of staff.

The company’s main service is HLR Lookup which involves checking numbers quickly with a real-time response. The responses include any numbers that are no longer in service (dead) and numbers that are not recognised (invalid). 3G Telecoms also offer TPS unlimited and are about to offer enterprise grade API for text messaging.

The Leeds based business operates on a global scale, having recently been awarded a Government grant, they are now looking to extend their service offering.

David explained “We invested in ISO certifications to improve the company and
demonstrate to our customers the professionalism and maturity within the business.

ISO 27001 is the most well-respected certification within our industry and previous
clients had enquired as to whether we were certified to this standard – so it made
sense to make the investment.

Having this in place will support our growth and help us formalise processes and procedures.”

The Process

3G Telecom’s stage 2 audit took place in January 2022. Ahead of this audit David and Steven shared internal documents with Compliant. These documents were then uploaded to a bespoke management developed by Compliant and shared with the auditor ahead of audit day.

Compliant supports a range of businesses by utilising the documents that they already have in place and providing templates for anything that is missing. All documentation is then merged to create a completely bespoke audit ready management system.

The Outcome

The outcome was extremely successful with only 4 Opportunities for Improvement being raised.

David added “Mark was very thorough at explaining the processes and talking us through the documentation. We are delighted with the outcome.

The ISO certification experience has made me think about processes and how our business operates. We will be considering new procedures to develop the business further.”

Compliant Director Mark Henderson commented “Working with another business that is operating on a global scale has been great for Compliant. We were pleased to see 3G Telecoms actively engage with the ISO certification process and achieve such success at their stage 2 audit. Well done everyone and good luck for the rest of 2023.”

Getting started:

There has never been a better time to invest in ISO certification. Show your commitment to quality management, the environment or occupational health & safety performance with a UKAS certified ISO certification from Compliant. Contact us today to find out more on 0333 456 5000 or fill in our FREE quote calculator!

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