CAFM and Helpdesk

Our helpdesk support is operated 24 hours a day all year round. This coupled with our Computer Aided Facilities Management software (CAFM) enables Compliant FM and our customers to see the exact status of their assets. The programme can be tailored to each clients’ needs and requirements from asset labelling, location, visible certification and renewal to potential asset replacement timelines.

As it is web based it has total flexibility and versatility including planned maintenance, help desk, room booking, cost control, property management, space planning and utilisation, asset tracking, dynamic and powerful reporting. It can help apportion administration costs to internal departments, suppliers and contractors.

It is based on a Microsoft Windows platform and has the look and feel of Microsoft Excel so it is easy to use. It is also compatible with Macintosh platforms.

We can easily upload your legacy data and the system is compatible with most competitor’s software systems and programmes.

You will be able to see your company’s assets as an overview and even drill down to the assets by room.

It can link your health and safety documentation and HR departments to ensure you remain compliant and up to date.


Our CAFM system is infinitely scalable and has over 200 different reports available all visible on a bespoke live reporting dashboard.

Compliant FM’s CAFM support tool helps you to comply with Health and Safety legislation, manage your risks and create reductions in your operating budget.

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